Augmented reality, exploration, and social activity.

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QuestUpon Experience

QuestUpon is global and has endless possibilities. This video is just a preview of what our platform can do.

QuestUpon is a new way to see the world and interact with your environment.

Connect with your friends. Create group chats. Send missions with augmented reality, geocaching, trivia, and more!

Amazing Features

Dynamic Quests | Interactive Characters | Time Travel | Geocaching | Social Gamification | Edutainment

Dynamic Quests

Embark on themed quests that can be urban races, guided tours, passport adventures & more.

Interactive Characters

Interact and take photos of mascots, legends, and other characters as they travel around in 3d augmented reality.

Time Travel

Check-in at Time Marks and you’ll be able to look around and travel time to see the world in the past, or the future!


Enjoy geocaching even more when the geocaches move, interact with you, and come to life!

Social Gamification

It's fun and social! Send and receive messages with missions that can include 3d augmented reality, geocaching, and trivia.


Learning is fun when you discover interactive clues that allow you to answer trivia, win coins, and unlock further missions!

About QuestUpon

The creators of QuestUpon have a long history in mobile platform and game development with their associate company, PlayMobility. Before the smartphone came along, they had envisioned gamifying the real world to inspire an active lifestyle, by combining augmented reality and geocaching. The concept was years in the making, but it wasn't until 2011 that they created Legend Tracker, that allowed explorers to track, find, and see legends, such as Sasquatch and Loch Ness Monster, in augmented reality, as they travel a region. This resulted in people submitting various pictures and videos of legend sightings, to Legend Tracker, and in 2013 one of these submitted videos went viral as news of the Sasquatch sighting in Mission BC reached over 250 million people around the world!

QuestUpon marks a whole new chapter by introducing many new geocaching, social, and interactive features, as well as being the first to combine 3d augmented reality with text messaging. The platform can be used across multiple industries to bring brands to life through games, guided tours, urban races, and more. Many quests are in the works that will allow people to experience the world in an entirely new way.


Available on iPhone and Android!



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